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The Lusiads - Camoes, Luis Vaz de
54,12 lei
Oresteia - Aeschylus
54,12 lei
Numbers VSI
48,08 lei
The Koran
60,14 lei
Persians and Other Plays
60,14 lei
Fifth Sun. A New History of the Aztecs
135,00 lei
Conversations on Ethics
83,85 lei
129,00 lei
The Deaths of Seneca
92,30 lei
142,00 lei
Seneca on Society. A Guide to De Beneficiis
149,08 lei
229,35 lei
Reading Seneca. Stoic Philosophy at Rome
126,52 lei
194,65 lei
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
54,45 lei
99,00 lei
The Constitution of Agency de Christine M. Korsgaard
66,21 lei
120,39 lei
Economics and Politics of Climate Change
149,00 lei
The plundered planet, Paul Collier
80,00 lei
The intimate Enemy,Ashis Mandy
75,00 lei
Madame Bovary
48,08 lei
The Decameron
71,91 lei
Selected Dialogues
48,08 lei
Crime And Punishment
54,12 lei
60,05 lei
Satires and Epistles
60,14 lei