Penguin Books

Today, our iconic logo – originally sketched at London Zoo – can be found on bestsellers and undiscovered gems, pride of place in much-loved bookshops, neighbourhood supermarkets and almost certainly on your shelf at home. Whatever, wherever and however you like to read, we’ve got something for you.

Is It Tomorrow Yet?
65,00 lei
How To Save It
45,00 lei
Climate Change (WIRED guides)
55,00 lei
Quantum Computing - Amit Katwala, WIRED
55,00 lei
Loved Clothes Last
57,00 lei
Losing Eden
57,66 lei
62,00 lei
65,00 lei
One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer
35,00 lei
How to Fight Anti-Semitism
70,00 lei
A Room of One's Own - Penguin Books
37,00 lei
Miracles and Idolatry
37,00 lei
War for Eternity
65,00 lei
Follow This Thread
82,01 lei
Conspicuous Consumption
35,00 lei
The Better Half
64,00 lei
Pop Art
57,00 lei
140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth
60,00 lei
How to save our Planet
48,00 lei
Until the End of Time
77,86 lei
80,00 lei
The First Ten Books
28,00 lei
Japan Story
85,00 lei