Ninja Innovation: The Killer Strategies of Successful Businesses

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The ninja are legendary for their strength, survival, cunning, intensity, and adaptability. When a ninja undertakes a dangerous assignment, he must have a strategy that will guide him through to completion. He must have firm goals, but he must also consider all possible obstacles, and be open to unforeseen crises.

For ninja, survival is the just the first step; success is the ultimate objective. In "Ninja Innovation", Gary Shapiro, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association, answers the universal question - What leads to success? - revealing how everyone can use the ninja way to create a killer strategy that will help them achieve their own goals. "Ninja Innovation" is his ultimate how-to for envisioning, executing, and maintaining a successful innovation-based strategy like those utilized in the technology world.

Drawing on his vast experience working with some of the world's most innovative companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Shapiro teaches readers how to think like a ninja-how to define goals, achieve flexibility, and become more creative in their outlook-using concrete: Here's what I've seen; here's what I've done; here's what you can do too. "Ninja Innovation" everyone can discover how to bring innovative thinking into their professional and personal lives.

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