The force of Gurdjieff vol. 7 - Alexandru Eugen Cristea

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Gurdjieff has used more than one system of human typology and in this book we will try to study the main ones in order to better understand ourselves and the world in which we live in. This book explains, for the first time ever, the 28 human types mentioned by Gurdjieff in his books, The Herald of Coming Good and Beelzebub's Tales. After more twenty years of searching through different ways and types of exercises and more than ten years in one of the groups from the Gurdjieff Institute, I am now feeling the need to offer back to the world a little part of the knowledge that helped me to be a better human being today. While this book does not contain all the information that Gurdjieff brought, it gives a fair point of departure in an adventure that will bring more being in your life. The reader should have a basic knowledge of Gurdjieffian psychological and cosmological aspects, as the information presented here is pour les connoisseurs

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Limba:  Engleza
Data publicării:  2015
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