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Tamburlaine the Great - I and II, Dr Faustus (A Text and B Text), The Jew of Malta, Edward II, The Massacre at Paris, Dido Queen of Carthage. This Wordsworth Edition includes exclusive Introductions by Emma Smith.

If Shakespeare had died at the age Marlowe died, there would have been no question that Marlowe was the leading figure in English Renaissance drama. This edition of all his plays shows why. The plays give us a clear picture of Marlowe as a radical theatrical poet of great linguistic and dramatic daring, whose characters constantly strive to break out of the social, religious and rhetorical bonds within which they are confined. Accused during his lifetime of blasphemy and homosexuality, Marlowe still has the power to challenge our assumptions about conventional morality, through his innovative theatricality. By placing less-known plays such as The Massacre at Paris and Dido Queen of Carthage alongside the acknowledged masterpieces Edward II and Dr Faustus, this edition gives a full picture of Marlowe's distinctive and provocative talent.

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Data publicării:  2000
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