The Road Cyclist's Companion

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All sports have their quirks and rituals, but cycling has more than most. As the inexorable rise of the bicycle continues, many casual cyclists are moving into a more serious brand of cycling- riding in road races, groups or in cycle clubs; and stumbling straight into a minefield of etiquette and aesthetics ranging from how to wear your socks, to the eternal quandary of leg-shaving. There is a time to wear your cycling gear and a time to wear your civvies, there are hand gestures to use and pedal positions to adjust. There is a science to riding in an eschelon, and diets to maximise your performance. The Road Cyclist's Companion covers all this and more. Broken into chapters covering kit, bike, group riding and training, it imparts all the essential knowledge that those who have grown up in clubs instinctively know. Peter Drinkell, author of "The Bike Owner's Handbook", writes clear, accesible text, which is accompanied by beautiful photography and illustration, making this so much more than a run of the mill cycle guide. Interviews with pro-cyclists, clothing designers and established figures in the field add further interest to the true enthusiast.

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Data publicării:  2014
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