The Sales Coach's Playbook

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O carte de lucru din seria Sandler Principles & Rules, pentru antreprenori, manageri si toti cei care intr-un fel sau altul au legatura cu managementul vanzarilor. Coachingul nu este doar ceva la moda, ci aplicat in business e ceea ce aduce de cele mai multe ori o companie si pe oamenii din cadrul ei pe nivelul urmator.

The definitive playbook for effective sales coaching, based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System. 

There is no one-size-fits all sales coaching model. There are only approaches that have been shown to be successful in particular situations. Acting as coach, the manager must identify each individual salesperson’s personal “success code” – and use that code to unlock the salesperson’s potential for success.

 It is always up to the coach to choose the right approach for the salesperson and the situation. In this sense, effective sales coaching is a series of adjustments to particular people and circumstances. This book offers an overview of the sales coaching practices the best Sandler-trained sales coaches have found to be most effective over the past four decades, and a discussion of the situations where they are most likely to be useful.


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Data publicării:  2018
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