Your Work and Your Life

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Start to use your own creative energy and move from ego to We-go.’ Any person can lose himself or herself in the jungle of life and work. Then, we run after the world and forget what really motivates us and makes us happy. Krist Pauwels calls you to come out of the compartments of this day and age and shows you new opportunities to appeal completely to your creative energy. The current way of working and living together is in need of change. We live in a society where we don’t use our full potential to live and work together to the full. After all, we’re accustomed to using mainly the left side of our brain (to create order, set boundaries and structures) and tend not to utilise the right side of our brain, the side which works intuitively and looks for experiences. Not only in our private lives, but also certainly at work. There you can speak of a visible reality above the table (our presentable rational side) and a hidden reality under the table (our emotional guiding side). ‘We often spend a lot of energy trying to hide our emotions, and that’s wrong. Because it’s precisely by channelling them and using them that you open up a well of passion and creativity.’ Just what we need to cope with this changing world. ‘Your work and life’ makes a plea via a three-step method for a deepening of personal awareness, which immediately forms the basis for a more mature communal awareness. ‘Because the stronger you are and the more opportunities you arouse in yourself, the better you can connect with the world around you.’

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Data publicării:  2017
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